Freezer Repair

Freezer Fixing

The freezer is one of the parts of the fridge that is taken most for granted. Some people use it every day and others don't. For those that don't, they soon realize how convenient it would be to have one when they swallow their pride and finally get it fixed.

If you're in the Gardner area where it gets nice and hot then you may want to consider giving us a call at CPL Repair Company. We've encountered and remedied this problem for more than a decade and know exactly what to do.

Why is My Freezer Broken?

We hope that when these things happen that the issue is one-dimensional but we always come to find out that more often than we'd like, it's never the case. Your freezer is made up of a bunch of moving parts working in tandem which means that when one goes awry so could the others.

In any case, the problem is what it is and still needs to be repaired. But what route should you take? Should you bite the bullet, learn some shape up engineering in a few short hours and do it yourself? You save money but did you really if you mess up?

The simple solution would be to call us at CPL Repair Company as we are trained professionals who can do the job competently and with such a speed you'll almost forget you had a problem in the first place.

Common Issues You May Face


Most freezers will have a little condensation and moisture on the inside but full-on puddles are not normal. Your refrigerator may be unbalanced which is fixable but when your inlet valve is broken then that's a different story.

Audible Freezer

When the compressor goes out in your freezer it is very apparent since it sounds like shrapnel ricocheting on the inside of your appliance. You're not being seiged by the French so not to worry. It just means you need to replace it and a few accompanying parts that work together in harmony to produce a properly working fridge.

Whatever your issue may be our technicians will be able to fix it in no time.

Dead Freezer

This is most likely an issue with your electrical supply. On the outside, it means that you're not getting enough power via your outlets which means the freezer won't turn on. On the inside, if something is shot or frayed the coolant system isn't working which will keep your food warmer than it needs to be.

Time for a new Freezer?

Being that they're part of your refrigerator, 99% of the time it does not need a whole replacement. However, some key components that are inside may need to go in order to let your freezer thrive. Whatever you need just rest assured it'll be ok once we get our hands on it.